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Software Pirates Increase Their Sales

Estimated Annual Turnover: US $

Every year software manufacturers lose hundreds of millions in sales on account of illegal copying. That's why we suggest you protect your software programs against illegal use by means of our

Copy Protection System without "dongle"

Reliable Protection Against Software Piracy


SQCPS offers you a cheap, safe and reliable protection against software piracy without hindering the legal use of your software programs.

SQCPS is based on Copy Protection Diskettes, which are especially initialized and cannot be duplicated. SQCPS Copy Protection Diskettes can be produced on any PC with a 3.5 inch HD diskette drive.

You can store up to 4000 bytes of licensing information (any type of data, such as number of installations, maximum number of users, authorization for different modules, etc) on the SQCPS Copy Protection Diskette; this information cannot be read by other parties. SQCPS Copy Protection itself takes up approximately 9 kBytes of diskette capacity. You may use the remaining space on the diskette to store any files you want.

The setup program for your application can install the SQCPS Copy Protection on the hard disk, so the SQCPS Copy Protection Diskette must not be available at startup time of your application.

The SQCPS Copy Protection System can be easily applied to your software application:

  1. Your production program stores the licensing information for your application on the SQCPS Copy Protection Diskette that accompanies the program diskettes.
  2. Your setup program installs the SQCPS Copy Protection on the hard disk (i.e. copies the SQCPS Copy Protection from the SQCPS Copy Protection Diskette to a SQCPS Copy Protection File on hard disk; this SQCPS Copy Protection File cannot be copied to another directory or disk).
  3. Your application program reads the licensing information from the SQCPS Copy Protection Diskette (or from the SQCPS Copy Protection File if step 2 was performed) and recognizes whether the user of your application has a valid license.

Each step is performed by simply calling a C function.

The following version of the SQCPS Copy Protection System is currently available:

SQCPS for Windows NT/2000/XP
can be used with 32-bit applications for Windows NT/2000/XP.

The SQCPS software packages include programs for creating, initializing and checking the SQCPS Copy Protection Diskettes, as well as link and runtime libraries (LIB, DLL) for the C functions to be called from your application. These C functions can be called from almost all of the widely used programming languages and database systems (such as C, Pascal, Visual Basic, Access, FoxPro, etc.).

For more than 15 years the SQCPS Copy Protection System has proven its worth with the programming systems of SoftwareQuarter.



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